Forum Title: AC drain noise
YouTube AC runs down to tub area. Maintenance says this sound is normal. Sometimes all night long I hear this. Apartment less than 10 years old. Can this be silenced?
Category: Plumber Post By: KATHERINE ROGERS (Valdosta, GA), 04/26/2017

but yes that air in-let causes the water to flow smoothly. think about it as a beer can you poke a hole in to chug faster lol.

- CLIFFORD BURTON (Sunnyvale, CA), 09/23/2017

shot in the dark here... but it sounds like they didn't vent the drain off right. in the picture provided, do you see where the man's pouring the cup into. that's a uncapped piece of pvc to let air in the line to stop the chugging noise you're hearing. the sound, sounds like the air inlet wasnt put on so its chugging struggling for the water to flow properly. just a guess tho since i can't see the lines.

- SARA PRICE (Turlock, CA), 10/06/2017

sorry forgot to attach

- CINDY LAWRENCE (Roy, UT), 10/12/2017

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