Forum Title: Help locating main water shutoff for condo
Which of these, if any, is the shut off valve for the condo? (outer building wall), farthest away from the condo wall (outer building wall) a few feet below the other one wall connecting the condo wall and the outer building wall After doing a little research it looks like it should be the copper pipe on top of the water heater on the right. The pipe itself has a lever type shutoff, but there are also 2 levers below. Which one of these is the correct lever and which direction should it turn be turned to shut off the water? Thank you!
Category: Plumber Post By: ADAM KELLY (Charleston, WV), 01/26/2016

This is your natural gas line. It will usually always be marked with yellow, as this one is at your water heater...

- FRANCIS JACOBS (Scranton, PA), 09/13/2017

This should shut off all water inside the condo....

- RUSSELL CRUZ (Plainfield, IL), 09/15/2017

This should shut off the hot water side of your water, primarily used to service the water heater.

- JACOB GREENE (Pomona, CA), 10/13/2017

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