Forum Title: Removing threaded pipe part from bathroom sink?
I have an old style bathroom sink with a drain that accepts a threaded pipe. The pipe corroded and broke, leaving the threaded part still up inside the drain. I have ZERO idea how to go about removing it...will it loosen with a torch flame? Is there a tool I need? Since it's inside the pipe and there's no purchase it's very hard to figure out. Yet apparently this is a common problem and I suspect plumbers must deal with this all the time. Thank you so much for any help!
Category: Plumber Post By: SUZANNE WELCH (Poway, CA), 10/02/2016

go get you a easyout set at the hardware store! should look like this:

- BRETT RHODES (Redlands, CA), 09/13/2017

Post pictures

- JESUS LAWSON (Greenville, MS), 10/07/2017

I really appreciate the two replies here. Can an Easy Out set work for something as big as an inch and a quarter? I've looked online and most sets stop at 1 inch. Unfortunately I can't take pics now because I've temporarily fixed it by fitting the broken pipe back in and taping it with duct tape. Will last for a week, I know, but hoping to get to the weekend. Someone else online suggested cutting out the threads with a hacksaw...but the problem there is that there's only a tiny bit of travel for the blade. What about using a Dremel tool or something to grind away the threads? Would that work? Another thing I thought was if maybe I got a dowel, shaved enough that I could wedge it in and then turned it? Anyway...thank you very much for the help and suggestions. If anyone else out there has additional ideas it would be great.

- LEO BREWER (Warren, MI), 10/08/2017

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